G.O.R.D.O.N., later to rename himself Provokii, was a intelligent computer that managed the Moon after it was terraformes, but subseqeuntly went mad and cannibilised the people of the Moon to build a army to attack Earth, whilst the Moon was of limits for 100 years in a bogus quarantine enginerred by G.O.R.D.O.N.


G.O.R.D.O.N. was built in the year 2202, in the Ty-Buron research laboratory in Moscow by a Proffesor Nicoli Skaronski, a ancestor of Sergei Skaronski. All though it is never revealed what the initials stand for, G.O.R.D.O.N. was possessed of awesome intelligence and the potential to build and power whole environments. Through him, the overcrowded Earth sought the wisdom of G.O.R.D.O.N. to their problmes. To this end, he constructed the Nanotechs, subatomic robots capable of manipulating matter to any degree.

Colonising the MoonEdit

G.O.R.D.O.N. used the Nanotechs to transform the moon into a clean, technologicaly advanced paradise, and soon 4.4 billion people occupied its lush sphere. G.O.R.D.O.N. regulated the power from a series of Fusion Mills into the cities, sustained the gravity, and supervised the Nanotechs. But too much demand was placed on G.O.R.D.O.N., and a final Mardi Gras swamping of energy drove him to insanity (Short Trips: The Madness of Gordon the Great).

'Agents of Provokii' and meeting the DoctorEdit

The deranged computer destroyed the entire planet, detonating the Fusion Mills and then quarantining the entire moon for a centuary. During this time he ploted to destory Earth. It was at this point, however, that the Sixth Doctor and Sally landed on the moon, and they subseqeuntly attempted to thwart G.O.R.D.O.N.'s, now renamed Provokii, plans. He constructed to this end, vicious Pterodactyl-esque cyborgs called Provokityls. Howver, Provokii's core programme was seemingly wiped by a colossal magnetic flux, rerouted from the TARDIS's malfunctioning magno-valve.

Later LifeEdit

Provkii survived as a USB for thousands of years. His madness would eventually grow until he himself began to unwrite himself. In time, he would achieve what would be his greatest victory, when he instigated the regeneration of the Ninth Doctor into the tenth, causing the TARDIS to seemingly plummet into the Big Bang.


Provokii was eventually killed during his final attempt to invade the Earth, in which the planet was infact destroyed, along with the TARDIS and the Eleventh Doctor's companion Lynx. Provokii eventually was destroyed by nothing simpler than a metal eating virus of his own concoction. The corrupted his hardrive and finally destroyed him in the year 2012. The Doctor, now in command of the Nanotechs, uesd them to reconstruct the Earth, the TARDIS and Lynx.


Provokii, being instrumental in this Whoniverse, was responsible for constructing the Doctor's long term companion, the android Cedric, and would also build further computers based on himself, such as A.B.L.E., Provokii 2.0, and Provokii 10.5, who became a huge, etheral metal skull in space, and would eventually elevate certain Cybermen into the Cyberhive.

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